complex medical care

With a growing staff of physicians and nurse-practitioners available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our residents are closely monitored and receive optimal care.
Our highly reputable disease management programs encompass a multidisciplinary approach to progress and recovery. Symptom awareness and monitoring are key and help in the prevention of exacerbation and complications. The wide range of clinical capabilities available ensures that complex patients are in a safe and proactive environment.
  • In house management of medically critical and complex episodes
  • Readmission Mitigation Programs
  • Fully stocked crash carts
  • On site EKG´s
  • Advanced CPR (ACLS clinical staff continuously trained and certified)
  • Two to four hour turnaround time for labs and X-rays
  • Two hour turnaround time for stat pharmacy
  • Life vest management
  • Oxygen (at 5 or more liters) "high saturation"
  • PleurX Catheter
  • IV Placement 24/7
  • IV Medication Administration (antibiotics, steroids, iron, lasix, complex meds, etc.)
  • Comprehensive IV port maintenance
  • PICC/Midline insertion and management
  • TPN
  • Intrajugular line maintenance
  • Chest tubes
  • CPAP and BiPAP
  • Aggressive Vitals Monitoring
  • Palliative Care Program (POLST)
  • Aggressive Wound Care Program
  • Wound vacs
  • Wound NP
  • Isolation Patient Management
  • Medicaid Pending Patients
  • Transportation Capabilities