AristaCare at Hillsdale Park Services

Patient Concierge

Future Patient Concierge

AristaCare's approach to patient satisfaction is unique and reflects the heart that is at the very core of the organization's system of care delivery. Our deep compassion for every patient's unique situation results in highly personalized care. Our strong emphasis on patient satisfaction, attention to every detail, and the full time administrative position of "Director of Quality Experience," who serves as a concierge, truly distinguishes AristaCare as best in class. Providing care settings that are warm, luxurious, and inviting, while attending to each patient's physical, spiritual, and social needs results in a more complete recovery and promotes patient centered care.
Therapeutic Recreation


At AristaCare, activities are designed to be geared to be a strong part of recovery and quality of life. Addressing the mind and spirit is key to a person's well being. Our creative approach to therapeutic recreation focuses on maximizing engagement while addressing a multitude of hobbies, preferences, and tastes.

Active Lifestyles - A key goal at AristaCare is lifestyle enhancement. We strive to keep each patient active and engaged and provide multiple resources to create meaningful, purposeful days. Active lifestyles is a focus at AristaCare and promotes a higher quality of life, as well as positive impact on clinical progress.
Patient Education

Patient Education

We work to develop strong patient compliance during a patient's post hospital stay, and throughout the transition to home. The use of targeted educational programs brings awareness, and encourages patients to become partners in their progress, recovery, and continued wellness
Comprehensive Transition to Home Process

Comprehensive Transition to Home Process

AristaCare recognizes the significance of its role in transitional care, as a connective setting between the hospital and home. AristaCare has an innovative approach to ensure a smooth transition for patients between settings in an effort to maximize patient experience, encourage continued recovery, and help maintain the highest clinical outcomes possible. A vital component is constant communication with the full medical team, starting prior to a patient's stay at AristaCare, continuing through the entire treatment and recovery process, and maintained throughout the reintroduction to their home environment. Prior to a patients' discharge to home, all necessary services, medications, physician appointments, and equipment are fully coordinated. Once discharged, a full summary is sent to the patients' primary care physician, and comprehensive follow up support and services are initiated. The patient is fully trained and educated on self care and monitoring, ensuring a high level of compliance, and stressing the important impact of each patient being a fully vested partner in his or her wellness.
Patient Education

Behavioral and Psych

AristaCare at Hillsdale Park is known for their high level of care with behavioral patients. We offer psych services and treatment, along with high-level, interdisciplinary activity programs with Nursing and Therapy to allow all patients to reach their maximum level of comfort. Our approach in managing and taking care of our patients have proven great success and effectiveness with their overall mental health.