pulmonary care

AristaCare at Meadow Springs is recognized as a premier post acute rehab facility for Pulmonary conditions. The focus of our Pulmonary Program is caring for individuals with high respiratory needs.
Our 76 bed ventilator unit is one of the largest in the tri-state area. Our staff has the unique clinical training and compassion needed to care for our respiratory patients. Our goal is to have every patient rehab to their highest level of functioning possible. Every patient is continually assessed and actively encouraged throughout their rehab with us. By utilizing aggressive rehabilitation protocols, specialized therapeutic recreation programs and caring for each patient as an individual we have become a leader in the area of respiratory care.
  • 76 Bed Ventilator Unit
  • Respiratory Director on Site
  • 24/7 Respiratory Care
  • Pulmonary Rounds
  • Resident-Specific Weaning Care Plans
  • Protocols – Weaning, Decannulation and 02 Titration
  • Pressure Support
  • Long Term Vent and Trach Management
  • Portable Vents for Maximum Quality of Life
  • ENT – oversees Trach Changes and Placement Verification Scope
  • Successful Weans both short and long term
  • Decannulations
  • 02 hook-ups throughout Pulmonary Care Unit, Rec Therapy Unit and Rehab Gym
  • Full PT/OT programs in Rehab Gym for Vent Patients
  • Successful Discharges for patients weaned from the vent as also Chronic Vent patients
  • Community reintegration for Chronic Vent Patients
  • Oral Hygiene Program