complex medical care

The team at Meadow Springs values the importance of providing the highest level of care to their residents and know the best way to achieve optimal care is by being dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach.
The interdisciplinary team members conduct daily clinical rounds with the floor nurses to review each resident. This commitment to our residents is crucial to providing optimal resident centered care and services in a demanding post acute industry. To meet the medically complex needs of our patients Meadow Springs utilizes a multi-faceted approach with includes:
  • In-house management of medically critical and complex episodes
  • Rehospitalization Review Team
  • Advanced CPR
  • Fully stocked crash carts
  • IV/TPN therapy
  • Aggressive Wound Care Program
  • Wound Vacs
  • In-house back up pharmacy for common meds/narcotics
  • Aggressive vitals monitoring
  • Oral Hygiene program
  • Full Mental Health Team including Psychiatrists, Psychiatry NPs and Psychologists
  • Psychotropic Review
  • TPN
  • Trach, Cpap, Bpap and ventilators
  • On-staff physiatrists
  • Pain Management
  • Smart Vest
  • Urology Consultants
  • Coma Stimulation Therapy
  • Routine Care Conferences
  • Nutritional Education through full-time registered Dietitian
  • Specialized Equipment including power wheelchairs and specialty wheelchair devices