stroke recovery

At AristaCare at Manchester, we are passionate about stroke care and recovery. We are confident in our provision of one of the most state of the art comprehensive post acute stroke programs in the state.
AristaCare at Manchester utilizes the most sophisticated, targeted, and effective high tech equipment and technology for stroke recovery.
Our Therastride is a bodyweight supported computerized locomotor treadmill training system utilizing the concept of neuro-plasticity to restore walking and gait functionality to neurologically effected patients. AristaCare at Manchester is proud to be one of the only subacute facilities to utilize this equipment typically found only in hospitals.
highly specialized, interactive equipment
AristaCare at Manchester is famous for its impressive, highly specialized, interactive equipment that assesses, identifies, and treats specific deficits for each patient. Each session is tracked, producing individual progress reports which ensures focused treatment and maximum recovery. Among this equipment is our:
  • Balance Machine
  • Gait Trainer
  • Omnicycle
  • Virtual Reality
  • Bioness Bionic Arm
Unique Stroke Program
The cornerstone of our stroke program is patient and family education, including:
  • Diagnosis
  • Comorbidities
  • Preventing recurrence
  • Coping strategies
  • Stress reduction
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Nutrition and healthy cooking
  • Medication management, education, and review
  • Community programs, resources, and support
Our handpicked therapists have extensive training and experience in stroke rehabilitation. We have an aggressive approach to clinical progress and a strong focus on cognitive recovery.