cardiac care

AristaCare at Cherry Hill is the best choice for post hospital Cardiac Care.
Cardiac care and heart failure management is a team effort. AristaCare at Cherry Hill, a short term rehab facility specializing in cardiac care, brings together multiple disciplines in order to create a unique, high impact, cardiac care and heart failure management program which encompasses our philosophy of careful monitoring, a strong focus on prevention, and thorough patient training and education. Members of the team include cardiologists, a specialty trained cardiac advanced practical nurse, a cardiac telemetry tech, specialty cardiac trained nursing staff, a dietician, pharmacist, social worker, physical, occupational and speech therapists, and a Director of Quality Experience who personally oversees our patient´s needs to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and quality of their stay.

Our Highly Acclaimed, Exclusive Cardiac Program Includes:
Certified Cardiologist
Our board certified cardiologist oversees the program, visits weekly to complete ongoing chart reviews and is available 24/7 to answer any staff questions.
Nurse Practitioner
Our specialty trained Nurse Practitioner educates and leads the nursing staff, continually enforcing laser focus on monitoring trigger symptoms and recognizing early signs of exacerbation. This allows us to prevent any emergencies, as well as detect issues in the very early stages so we can manage them quickly and easily at AristaCare at Cherry Hill.
Quick Recovery
A telemetry technician monitors the patient´s heart rate and rhythm during PT for risk assessment and treatment response. This ensures a quicker recovery through safe monitoring and more aggressive rehab therapy
Patient Education
One of the major highlights of the cardiac program at AristaCare at Cherry Hill is patient education. We believe that education empowers the patient to be in control of their own future wellness. To that end we give comprehensive, targeted, personalized, interactive education which creates a partnership between the healthcare team and the patient, and encourages the highest level of compliance.
AristaCare at Cherry Hill has a high tech telemedicine program with a live physician for after hours and weekend coverage. The high tech equipment allows the doctor to do a thorough exam and determine a proper diagnosis, intervention and treatment.
AristaCare is committed to providing the best cardiac care possible by utilizing every method available in medicine today. Together with our collective and collaborative expertise, we have our cardiac patients progressing to the maximum level possible at their highest level possible, and returning to their previous lives quicker, with a comprehensive understanding of how to lead a healthier life and create a better future with an emphasis on healthier habits and commitment to a healthier lifestyle.