Clinical Foundation

At the heart of AristaCare is our strong, uncompromising clinical foundation. Our sound bedrock of medical expertise serves as a solid infrastructure for AristaCare to grow strategically and flourish securely in today's demanding post acute environment.

The key components of our sophisticated care delivery system include high level clinicians, comprehensive education and training, close monitoring of outcomes, analytics, metrics and results. Most importantly, AristaCare directs a strong multidisciplinary focus on prevention and treatment of the following areas:
  • Cardiac Disease and CHF
  • Stroke and Neurological Diseases
  • Wound Care
  • Re-hospitalization Prevention
  • Pulmonary Disease and COPD
  • Orthopedic and Post Op Recovery
  • Memory Care and Cognitive Loss
  • Co-morbidity Management (diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, etc.)
With today's constantly evolving healthcare environment, AristaCare has positioned itself to meet the increasing medically complex demands by utilizing a multi-faceted approach, which includes:
nurse practitioners
Nurse Practitioners
who conduct hospital style daily team rounds, provide continuous staff education and create an environment of prevention by creating a cohesive attitude of detailed attention to co-morbidities and early symptom identification and monitoring.
evening and weekend physician telemedicine coverage.
Sophisticated Software
Sophisticated Software
AristaCare has deployed a top performing electronic medical record system and a robust predictive analytics program. Combined, these programs offer powerful analytics, enabling us to monitor every facet of the patient's well being in real time, as well as predict any high risk areas so we can begin to take preventive measures early, avoid set backs, and continue to push aggressively towards progress and recovery.
medical executive
Medical Executive Committee
quarterly meetings are held with top community physicians who represent the highest echelon of medical delivery. This elite, handpicked group of physicians actively set the standards for excellent care by creating and monitoring adherence to by-laws, establishing best practices, and by continuously advancing in medical innovation.