AristaCare at Manchester Reviews

Thank you is not sufficient for the outstanding care that all of you have given my wife and me during the time my wife spent at AristaCare. From the administrator to the housekeeping, you all became FAMILY. You have totally debunked the horror stories of nursing homes. We would like to take this moment to let you know how we feel about all of you. You will always be in our prayers and thoughts. We will miss you and we love you! Forever Grateful
Ola and Joseph P
To the staff from the ground floor to the top floor, my family and I want to thank you for your sympathy, compassion, experience, affection, devotion, dedication, loyalty, caring, concern and above all your love. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. God Bless you, your families and all Manchester Patients.
Jerry M
Just wanted to let you know that my experience at your facility was instrumental in my recovery. Everyone was extremely friendly, professional, and knowledgeable…they met all of my needs emotionally, as well as physically. I was not able to return home alone confidently without all the care I received there… Thanks to you and your staff, I am recovering nicely. I now have a surprisingly new respect for P.T. & O.T. and their benefits. Your team is Great and made it fun. Your entire staff- from housekeeping to the Nurses and Doctors are Exceptional! Good luck with your facility… I'll recommend AristaCare highly. Hope to visit soon.
Lynda R
Thank ALL employees of Rehab. You made my stay a lot easier. Everyone was very kind to Me. 1st floor. "Thanks a Million"
Dorothy T
Just wanted to send you a not to thank you and your staff for making Andrew's stay at Manchester so enjoyable, everyone was so helpful and kind and it was a very good experience for him and also for me. Andrew enjoyed himself and thought he was on vacation. He told me how nice everyone was to him. I also called every day he was there since it was better for him that I not visit, and the nurses on the second floor took the time and talked to me and let me know how he was doing. I know they were very busy and I appreciate that they were very understanding of my concern and I certainly want to thank all of them. Thank you again. I must also add that I am extremely impressed with the cleanliness of your facility. There was never a foul odor that I have found in other facilities. I would just like to compliment and thank all of you for all you did to help us. You will be seeing me again in July for another visit. Thank you
Laurie D