AristaCare at Delaire Reviews

My brother Stanley has been a resident of Delaire for over 10 years due his disabilities incurred from a stroke he suffered in 2006. When looking for a facility to move Stanley to when he was released from the hospital, Delaire was chosen as the best option for him. Delaire's location, the quality of the facilities and the caring/attentive staff is why the decision was made to place Stanley at Delaire. 10 years later, there are no regrets of having placed Stanley at Delaire. He enjoys participating in the numerous activities (bingo, book club, bowling) Delaire has to offer as well as the periodic trips Delaire oversees away from the facility. Delaire performs monthly reviews of their residents where the family is invited to attend to hear the current well-being or the resident and ask any questions. Stanley won't be leaving Delaire anytime soon due to the nature of his disabilities, but there is peace of mind that he is he continues to be cared for, he is healthy and he is in a positive state of mind
Brian M
My experience here has been a good one. I've been in a number [of] nursing homes but the Delaire staff is wonderful- they listen to your concerns and take care of them promptly with care. As far as the Administrative staff, they are 100%- kind, courteous, and caring. They are the most important people [because] they take their time to address any problems you may have and they will not leave anything undone. They are also the best in the business.
Neil S
At 50 I wouldn't have thought that I'd be so in need of a nursing facility but in February of 2017 I had emergency open heart surgery. Entering AristaCare at Delaire, I've come to appreciate the many staff members that work in this facility. My experiences have let me know some of the staff from the CNA's to the nurses and some of the executives. All wonderful people whose intentions are the best for each patient, giving time to listen to what is bothering them, and how to make them comfortable.
Bryan C