AristaCare at Cedar Oaks Reviews

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the staff is. If they can put up with me, they can put up with anyone! Everyone has been more than amazing!
Stephen P
I wanted to personally thank you for all the hard work you all put into getting us involved in playing games and activities in the afternoons. I really appreciate it and had a great time. The barbecue was especially enjoyable. Thank you for the signs you did for me – I got so many compliments on them. To all of you, thanks for your love, concern and support.
Ina M
It is with great appreciation and sincere gratitude that I am writing this letter. The tremendous and upmost concern shown to my father Andrew and also to my mom Gloria has been beyond compare. We are truly grateful to the staff and especially to our wonderful aids who have become like family to us. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Jim V
Tomorrow I will be leaving Cedar Oaks – exactly one month from the day that I arrived here. I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am to the kind and caring PROFESSIONAL staff.. The physical therapist (Ara) and the occupational therapist (Charles) treated me with compassion as I cried through the painful therapy sessions. They helped me so much.. The nurses and aides were always responsive and kind. I was especially impressed with the variety of religious services available to patients/residents/ I am a Roman Catholic – so I was happy to attend Mass on Mondays. However, I consider myself a spiritual person and I also attended services with Rabbi Kroopnick and the various Christian groups who came to Cedar Oaks. Another real "plus" for me was Mara, the recreation ("Hat") lady. Mara was always cheerful and enthusiastic in her efforts to include everyone in the games, exercises, arts & crafts, etc. She was also understanding and realistic about people's need for OT and PT if they chose not to participate. All in all, Cedar Oaks was a positive experience for me – largely because of the QUALITY people who work hard to care for the patients. I will certainly recommend Cedar Oaks to others. Many, many thanks!
Marybeth C.
My family is so appreciative of the care and concern given to us during my father's stay there. We're so thankful he was cared for by such a professional, understanding, and concerned staff.
Joanne M
I recently hosted an 89th birthday party for my Dad at Cedar Oaks. Five of my father's friends came. I brought sandwiches and two cakes. The room was so cheerful and full of sunlight. Lani was extremely helpful and a maintenance staff member helped us rig up a TV and VCR. Thanks to you, it was a most memorable day for my Dad.
Michelle H
I cannot thank the Cedar Oaks staff enough for helping and guiding me through the difficult time after my stroke. You have a great Center! Shalom and peace on earth.
Linda G
Just a quick note to tell you this Center has some very nice people working here. You are all to be commended in dealing with Richard who we all know can be difficult at times. You seem to know how to reach him in a favorable way. The nurses' upbeat and happy attitudes are as much good medicine, if not better, than the pills he has to take. The fact that you were able to bring my Richard to the surface just warms my heart. I deeply appreciate you all.
Paulette A
"I initially shed many tears over the fact that my mother had to go into a nursing home due to her illness. My tears were wiped away when I witnessed the superb TLC given at Cedar Oaks. The staff is magnificent. I am eternally grateful to you
Rosemarie H
I was treated in your facilities for 24 days. The physiotherapy & occupational therapy I received was on a level equal to my in hospital therapy of the same type. In addition, the therapy was available on both days of the weekend usually and certainly on one of these days exceeding that available in the hospital. The staff was well trained and exceedingly friendly and accessible.
Earl R